What Is Biodegradable Glitter?

What is Biodegradable Glitter?

For something so tiny, glitter is causing significant harm to the environment.

Traditional cosmetic glitters are composed of plastic particles and are classified as microplastics. Microplastics are fragments of plastic less than 5mm in size. When these fragments are disposed, they do not decompose, contributing to plastic pollution.

Microplastics are causing huge damage to the planet by disrupting ecosystems. Plastic can take hundreds or thousands of years to degrade, and over that time microplastics will likely be ingested by many organisms. For example, when microplastics are washed down the drain and into the ocean, they are consumed by fish and birds and are very damaging to marine life. Due to their size, they enter the food chain at the bottom and become embedded in animal tissue.  Microplastics have even been found in the human bloodstream.

Biodegradable glitter is the eco-friendly solution to traditional plastic glitter. Biodegradable glitter is a sustainable glitter. It is made from plant derived, renewable materials, biodegradable and vegan. Biodegradable glitter breaks down naturally over time and will not accumulate in ecosystems.

As this decomposition happens in the natural environment, the biodegradable glitter has an indefinite shelf life. If biodegradable glitter is accidently ingested by marine life, it is metabolized naturally, unlike traditional glitter.

Biodegradable glitter is the eco-friendly solution to traditional plastic glitter, so you can keep on sparkling!

Anam Cosmetics’ biodegradable glitter eyeshadow uses 100% biodegradable glitter.

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