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Useless Project

by | Sep 3, 2020

We all want to live more sustainable lifestyles, but for many of us it can seem overwhelming or even impossible. Metal straws and recycling are manageable, but what about food packaging or fast fashion?

The women behind The Useless Project understand this. The aim of the Useless project is to bring people together, and ‘highlight the positive, accessible and pragmatic side to living a more sustainable lifestyle’. The company began at swap shops and flea markets, and have expanded into the realms of education, advocacy, and raising awareness about sustainability.

The website hosts an array of resources, including DIY upcycling videos, cooking recipes, and lists of sustainable Irish brands. It is described as a space to learn and connect, no judgement here! They aren’t asking for perfection, zero-waste or 100% sustainable, they want to help people make positive changes, big or small. The tag line itself could inspire change – ‘If you’re feeling useless, start small.. use less.’

We found our gorgeous sustainable packaging from scouring their Instagram, thanks ladies!

Check out their website here –

Check out their Instagram here –