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Trying New Things without Fast Fashion

by | Apr 28, 2022

One of the reasons fast fashion brands are so popular, is the price. There are some gorgeous sustainable clothing brands, but they tend to be expensive. This is fine if you are investing in pieces, a winter jacket or pair of boots. But what about those items you just want to try out? Many of us like to experiment with out clothing style. This becomes harder if the price of the items is high. You don’t want to spend hundreds of euro on clothes, only to realise they aren’t your cup of tea.

Many sustainable clothing brands are only available online, meaning you can’t try before you buy, which makes it hard to know how it will look on. One way to avoid this, is to try on similar pieces! If you’re unsure about purchasing a sustainable piece, try on clothes from other brands in store (even if they aren’t sustainable). If you are considering purchasing a leopard print jacket, try one on in any store that has one. If you love it, you’ll probably love the eco friendly alternative even more!