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Sustainable Irish Beauty Companies

by | Aug 10, 2020

There is a severe lack of sustainable and natural Irish makeup companies, which is in part why Anam was founded. However the Emerald Isle has an abundance of beautiful, natural and sustainable skincare companies. It seems like every part of the country has something different to offer in terms of luxury skincare products, using beautiful local ingredients.

Warrior Botanicals

A company in West Cork that offers a stunning range of handmade, natural products. The brand states that they are an antidote to modern skin and body care. Their products include body care, skin care, hair care, serums and oils, all made with local ingredients including herbs, flowers, extracts, and essences. The products look, smell, and feel beautiful, they have a dreamy, soothing, otherworldly feel to them.

Their studio itself is 200 years old, and the methods they use to create their products are even older. You won’t find any mass machinery here. Everything from WB has a personal touch, the bags are hand-stamped, and their parcels are hand-wrapped and sent out ‘with a blessing’. Gorgeous. They have pledged to protect the earth, and will never allow greed to play a part in their relationship with the land.

Check out their website here – 

Barechic Skin

A beautiful organic skincare brand from Galway that claim to be ‘Ireland’s answer to eternal youth’. The products are all natural, cold pressed, made with organic and raw ingredients, and contain no synthetics, parabens, sulphates or petroleum. Better still, the products are all hand blended and poured in the West of Ireland, nothing is outsourced. The products themselves are simplistic and chic looking, and of course they smell incredible. They also have a super helpful section on their website, that describes where each ingredient comes from and its benefits. So you can pick a product that suits your skincare needs. Perfect!

Check out their website here – 

 Berry Be Beauty

A natural, handmade, beauty brand with a holistic approach to skincare, located in North Dublin. They make beauty products, candles and diffusers, and everything is chemical, paraben and cruelty-free. Their website features a list of the essential oils and what they are used for, which makes it easy to know what product is right for you. Not only is the brand very affordable, they also offer gift sets that come in lovely eco-friendly bags, that would make beautiful presents for loved ones.

Check out their website here –