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Sky Set – Biodegradable Glitter Eyeliner


Can’t choose your favourite shade? You don’t have to. The Sky Set contains two of our beautiful biodegradable glitter eyeliners, in shades Teal and Gold. Use both these shades together and radiate sunshine in a clear blue sky!

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  • Buildable, water-based, biodegradable glitter eyeliner in Teal and Gold
  • The precise, firm, thin-tipped brush makes it easy to create fine, glittery lines
  • The product is smooth and glides onto the eye with intense pay off
  • The product is buildable so you can achieve your desired intensity.
  • No Fall out
  • Made using biodegradable glitter and ethically sourced mica
  • Highly pigmented, long lasting formula
  • Vegan, cruelty free, natural, sustainable

Additional information

Dimensions 2,5 × 2,5 × 10,7 cm

Passionfruit Seed Oil*, Acai Berry Fruit Oil*, Pineapple Fruit Extract, Mangosteen Oil, Plum Seed Oil, CoEnzyme Q10, Sunflower Seed Oil, Elderberry Fruit Extract, Sweet Orange Essential Oil* *Certified Organic

How To Use

• Using the brush, apply the product directly to your lash line.
• Place the product on your finger and tap all over your lid, by itself or over eyeshadow, for a sparkly eye look
• To remove the product, wash the product off with your favourite remover pad. The glitter is biodegradable, so don’t worry about it going down the sink, it won’t end up in the ocean!
• Get a double wing glitter effect by applying your favourite black liner, and then Anam glitter liner above
• If eye becomes irritated, stop using at once and wash with clean water.


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