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Terry Barber

by | Aug 23, 2020

If you have any interest in alternative makeup, you have probably heard of Terry Barber. He is a legendary makeup artist and currently the Director of Makeup Artistry in Europe and the UK for MAC Cosmetics.

Terry Barber’s unique style and unapologetic rebelliousness is inspiring. His Instagram page features a ton of jaw-droppingly creative looks, inspired by mundane but very British themes.

From eye makeup inspired by leather sofas, toilet paper, condoms, burnt toast and cigarette lighters, to lips inspired by Mars Bars, Jammy Dodgers, prawns, and curry powder. He combines his incredible talent and skill with a punk, anti-establishment philosophy and the results are ground breaking.

When asked in an interview about Instagram makeup, Terry called it the ‘Beauty Olympics’. He explains that it is full of young artists trying to have completely perfect makeup, and it is incredibly competitive. But he doesn’t think that’s what makeup is about. ‘My punk mentality kicks in, and I immediately want to do the opposite’. Terry says that he can appreciate the skill involved, but it leaves him a bit cold. ‘I can do the Kardashian thing, I just don’t want to’.

We are here for the anti-Instagram makeup and we love spending hours getting inspired on Terry’s Instagram, check it out here –