How can you tell if glitter is biodegradable?

How can you tell if glitter is biodegradable?

Biodegradable glitter has emerged as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic glitter, but how can you tell if glitter is really biodegradable?

Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of glitter, leading to the rise of eco-friendly alternatives. Biodegradable glitter is a sustainable glitter. It is made from plant derived, renewable materials, biodegradable and vegan. Biodegradable glitter breaks down naturally over time and will not accumulate in ecosystems.

Biodegradable glitter is typically made from natural materials like plant cellulose, primarily sourced from sustainably managed forests or eucalyptus trees. Look for ingredients such as cellulose acetate or eucalyptus cellulose, which indicate that product contains eco-friendly glitter.

Brands that offer eco-friendly products such as biodegradable glitter usually prioritise sustainability. The packaging of these products should also be eco-friendly, using recyclable or compostable materials. If the brand offers biodegradable glitter in packaging that is not eco-friendly, it is unlikely the brand truly cares about the environment. Therefore, the glitter may not be genuinely biodegradable.

Responsible brands should provide clear instructions on how to properly dispose of the biodegradable glitter. Look for instructions on how to remove the biodegradable glitter on the brands’ websites.

Ethical brands are transparent about their sustainability practices, and their ingredients. If a brand does not clearly display ingredients lists for their products, this may be intentional. Look for brands that provide detailed information about their ingredients, including where they are sourced.

Biodegradable glitter is slightly more expensive than traditional plastic glitter. Be wary of extremely cheap glitters, as they may not be genuinely biodegradable.

By looking out for these factors, you can determine if brands’ eco-friendly claims are legitimate. Sparkle sustainably with biodegradable glitter!

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