What is Mica?

What is Mica? Mica is a versatile and widely used cosmetic ingredient, known for its shimmering and shining properties. It is a naturally occurring mineral, that is used in the beauty industry for its ability to reflect light, creating a lustrous and radiant finish in makeup products such as eyeshadows, highlighters, and powders.

One of the key benefits of mica is its cohesive properties, which help to improve the texture and stability of cosmetic formulations. It enhances the spreadability of products, ensuring smooth and even application.

Unfortunately, the mica industry has faced significant ethical challenges. In many regions, particularly in parts of India, mica mining is associated with child labour and unsafe working conditions. Children as young as five years old are often found working in hazardous environments, risking their health and safety for minimal pay. This exploitation and the dangerous conditions have raised serious concerns among consumers and companies alike.

In response to these issues, the Responsible Mica Initiative (RMI) was established. The RMI is a global coalition of stakeholders, including companies, non-governmental organizations, and industry associations, dedicated to eradicating child labour and improving working conditions in the mica supply chain. Through collaborative efforts, the RMI aims to create a transparent and accountable mica sourcing process, ensuring that mica is produced ethically and sustainably.

Our mica supplier is committed to ethical practices and is a proud member of the Responsible Mica Initiative. By sourcing mica through RMI-certified suppliers, we ensure that our products are not only high quality but also 100% ethical and socially responsible. This commitment reflects our dedication to supporting human rights and promoting sustainability within the beauty industry.

By choosing products that use responsibly sourced mica, you can enjoy the benefits of this beautiful mineral while contributing to a more ethical and sustainable world.

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