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about anam cosmetics

vegan, cruelty free, natural, sustainable

Our Brand

Anam Cosmetics is a new Irish company. Anam is the Irish word for soul.

We are proud to be Irish, vegan, cruelty free, ethical, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable. Whenever possible we use biodegradable, compostable, components and packaging for our cosmetic products..

Anam was founded to cater for the alternative audience of Irish makeup lovers. We do not believe Irish cosmetic companies are representing the whole Irish population, and we want to change that. We want our customers to have fun with makeup, and use our products to express themselves and be creative.

Our Lab

We develop our product formulas from scratch at our laboratory. We do not simply choose our products from a catalogue and stamp our logo on them. This means we have control over the performance of the products, as well as the ingredients that go into them. This method is more costly, but we believe that it is worth it.

Our Ingredients

We believe in transparency. You will find a full list of all the ingredients we use, as well as a short explanation of each, on this website. We chose all of our ethically sourced ingredients carefully, and we are happy to show them to our customers.

Our Founder

Anam was born and nurtured in Ireland by a young Irish woman, with a passion for makeup and the environment. Her hope is to provide an alternative, sustainable, Irish makeup brand for makeup lovers.

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